Parts list, schematic for 16' V x 40' H tuned loop for 160m

QTY Unit Description

2 .ea . . 5 foot solid (not stamped) fence "T-post"
12 .ea . . Military tent poles, 4 foot nominal length, make two 22' tall poles
4 .ea . . Hose clamps, 3 inch diameter, attaches bottom tent pole to T-post
4 .ea . . rebar/stakes, 1 to 2 ft long, used for guy wire stakes
4 .ea . . 30 foot lengths of rope/cord/Dacron line, used for guy lines
2 .ea . . 40 foot lengths of cord/Dacron line used as Pulley lines (used to hoist wire)
2 .ea . . 2 1/2 Inch White Clothes Line Pulley, Home Depot/Lowes (See below)
120 .feet. . 10 ga. wire or 12 ga also suitable
1 .ea . . 44 inch piece of 1 5/8" or 1 1/4" or 7/8" Heliax hardline cable, for capacitor
1 .ea . . 30 inch piece of RG8/RG213 center conductor and insulator, used for gimmick cap
2 .ea . . Ferrite, Type 43, large RFI "beads"
3 .ea . . Wire splice block. Placed on 120' wire to hold Pulley lines in place (see below)

Physical Assembly

1. Pound fence T-posts in ground 40 (forty) feet apart.
2. Attach bottom Mil tent pole to T-post with *input* side up
3. Attach two each guy lines to the two top Mil tent post
4. Attach 2 1/2" pulley using two tie wraps (see image) to each of the two top Mil poles
5. Run the 40' line through each Pulley. Tie ends together so line will not slip thru pulleys
6. Stack the Mil test poles, one by one, and carefully place the last one into the T-post mounted pole
7. Put ground stakes in; back about 8 to 10 feet and 5-8 feet either side
8. Put light tension on guy lines
9a. Cut the *paired* wire splice block in two.
9b. On the 10 ga. wire measure and mark the 40 foot (39 1/2 ft) points for attachment points
9c. Place one each of the 1/2 wire splice block at the attachment points. Tighten screws.
9d. Attach Pulley lines to 10 ga. wire at attachment points with the wire splice block.
10. Pull up the wire using the Pulley lines.
11. Secure the Pulley lines, re-tension the guy lines as required.

Electrical connection:

Heliax cap and gimmick cap 

Close up Heliax cap and gimmick cap 

Close up Ferrite transformer

Pulley at top of pole 

Special parts:

Wire splice block
2-1/2 in. White Clothesline Pulley