June 13th, 2023 

1899 kHz Midday Propagation Test (CW and SSB) 

1899 kHz Midday Propagation Test (1899-kHz-midday-prop-test.blogspot.com)

Please use Net-logger to check in and coordinate contacts

Netlogger click here

Attention Newbies to TOP BAND, 160 Meter starter kits are available from Rob AB4AM, supply is limited  due to the limitations on the harvest of Whale Sperm Oil, the active ingredient in antenna grease, NOW BACK IN STOCK

Official Licensed starter kits from the 1895 group, come complete with a specially modified AB4AM 160-meter antenna, a chicken, antenna grease, and an applicator. Everything you will need to get that big signal on 160 Meters. 





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