June 7th, 2022 

1895 Group meets on 1895 every night at 22:00 with weekend nets on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 22:00 Hour

NOTE: The Summer Schedule is spotty 


1899 kHz Midday Propagation Test (CW and SSB) 

1899 kHz Midday Propagation Test (1899-kHz-midday-prop-test.blogspot.com)

Please use Net-logger to check-in and coordinate contacts

Netlogger click here


 Attention Newbies to the Net, 160 Meter starter kits are available from Rob AB4AM, supply is limited ( Temporarily out of stock (COVID-19 panic buying) due to the limitations on the harvest of Whale Sperm Oil, the activate ingredient in antenna grease)

Official Licensed starter kits from the 1895 group, come complete with a specially modified AB4AM 160 meter antenna, a chicken, antenna grease, and applicator. Everything you will need to get that big signal on 160 Meters. 





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